John, Richie and Liam

mccarthy cup 2014
On Friday last John and Richie Power visited our school and brought a very special guest with them. It was the McCarthy Cup they had recently won in the All Ireland final. On Thursday when Mr. Duggan told us they were coming I was hopping with excitement .The next day I was waiting for half ten all morning. Finally John, Richie and of course Liam arrived and everyone clapped for them. Then we were asking them questions and after that we got to hold Liam I kissed it about five times .A while later we went outside for a picture. I was holding Liam with my friends. After a lot of pictures everyone were getting their hurls jerseys flags and posters signed by John and Richie. Everyone was so happy. Then a lot of people went running around with Liam.(Including me)It was a bit disappointing when the three had to leave but it was well worth it and they had left Coke, Club Orange, 7 up and crisps! When everyone was outside they were having picnics on big Kilkenny flags but in short it was a really really good day!

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