Criostóir Ó Tuama

A person in our village who has put his heart and soul into our community is Criostóir ó Tuama. He was from Ballyvourney, West Cork. He came to Newmarket in 1952. For 37 years he was the principal of Newmarket N.S. Thanks to Criostóir, Newmarket was the first rural community in 1957 with a water scheme. He had a keen interest in G.A.A and trained the parish school team for 27 years. In 1988 he retired and moved on from teaching to becoming involved in tidy towns and he formed a committee. He was the secretary of the Newmarket tidy towns committee for many years. Newmarket got top marks in category A of the Kilkenny tidy towns for ten years! He also took care of Calvary cemetery, the local graveyard. He used to often visit us in Newmarket school. He used to always influence us to speak the Irish language. He always loved the Irish language, even if he came into the school to visit us he would talk in Irish and encourage us to as well. Criostóir used to visit us very frequently. He thought the Irish language should come first. He was also responsible for the building of Gairdín an Ghorta which is a lovely garden remembering the famine in 1841. He very sadly passed away on the 30th of December 2014. We, the pupils in Newmarket school played the recorder in his memory in Hugginstown church on the 6th of January 2015. It was very sad. Everyone that knew Criostóir will always remember him. He was a person who made a great contribution to our community. To the very end, Criostóir was working to finish the footpath from the village to the Gairdin, and for Newmarket church to reopen. We will certainly never forget Criostóir. I don’t think anyone who knew him will. We will very much miss his frequent visits, and his encouragement to us for the Irish language. Our prayers are sent to Criostóir’s family and friends.
Leah 6th class



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2 responses to “Criostóir Ó Tuama

  1. Tomás in 6th class

    that is such a nice story

  2. Leah McNamara

    Thanks Tomás!

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