League Final Day

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Last week the league final was played between Darragh’s team and Stephen’s team. These teams are very big rivals. From the start it was a serious competition. Aine Rohan and Edward Dwyer were on pure fire. Both of them chipped in with score after score. A goal from Aine really lifted her team but a few points back from Edward meant they still had a chance. The determination from both teams was unreal .The scores were rolling in. A goal from Darragh that dropped over Stephen’s head lifted the team again. Stephen’s team showed great determination not to give up. Edward’s unstoppable goal really lifted the team but sadly for Stephen the final whistle blew. The final score in favour of Darragh was 3-8 to 1-5. Stephen was gutted but Darragh was delighted.
Darragh Dwyer 5th class


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  1. Darrragh dwyer

    so happy great match hard luck steve

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