1916 Celebration

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On Friday the 11th of December two soldiers; Sgt.Kieran Kennedy and Private John Flynn came to our school. They were talking about the 1916 Rising. Grandparents and parents came to our school too. John Flynn was in the army for 15 years Kieran was in the army for 28 years. They told us forty children died during the Rising. They were well dressed and their shoes were all polished. They were asking us some questions and Kieran said if it weren’t for the little lads we would not know the answers (joke, I think.) The parents helped out a lot. They got cups of tea for the parents and grandparents and some biscuits. We got juice and a packet of crisps,yum! One of the girls in 6th class read out the 4th paragraph of the proclamation. A boy called Jack got the flag and Serena got the new proclamation. They told us that when the army let the flag touch the ground they would have to burn the flag and that is their respect for the flag. We sang the national anthem. It was a fun day and a good experience.

by Chantelle  5th class


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