A Day at the R.T.E. Studio

swipe tv

On the 22nd of January Ben and I went to Dublin to the RTE studios. It took two hours. We went to Dundrum shopping centre. We stopped at McDonalds. I got a chicken wrap, Ben got a regular burger and Mr Duggan got a Big Mac. The traffic was quite bad. After that we got to the studio. We saw the big TV tower. When we arrived at the doors we saw a man with people taking photos with him and he had bodyguards. I finally got a glimpse of him and it was Kevin Hart. He was at the studio because he was on the Late Late Show that night. After that the two girls arrived. We went to the Swipe TV studio. It looked awesome. We met the hosts. For a break we went to The Late Late Show, The National Lottery, Prime Time and some of the Fair City set up. Ben and I won and Mr Duggan got gunged. It was an amazing day and I won’t forget it. 
Sixth class


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5 responses to “A Day at the R.T.E. Studio

  1. Edward Dwyer

    The story describes the kind of day they had in Dublin. They got to see all the different studios which must have been very exciting.

  2. Gráinne Barron

    Well done to David and Ben for getting Mr Duggan gunged. It sounds like they had a fun day.

  3. They got to go to all of the RTE studios.
    It must of been so fun.
    Well done for getting Mr Duggan gunged.
    The two teams played very good.

  4. I wish I was there. It sounds like so much fun.😎😎

  5. Aine Rohan

    I am so happy that Ben and David gunged Mr. Duggan. I hope their McDonalds were nice. Well done for winning!

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