Winning Our ‘Oscar’

IMG_0599Recently in our school we were given the task of writing, acting, filming and edditing our own film. It had to be under 5 minutes long not including credits. We had made a film the year before called ‘The White Lady’ which was about a ghost lady mourning the death of her husband that was killed at war 100 years ago. Three childeren went to the graveyard and accidentely woke her spirit. She then haunted the childeren and their fellow pupils at the school. We presented it in Kilkenny along with some other schools. We were awarded what I like to call ‘a low budget Oscar’ ( it was just gold plastic, but close enough!).
First we write a rough script, then draw out the story board. We finish the script and give out copies of them to everyone. We ‘audition’ some people for the roles and give the others jobs like camera, sound and clapper board. We do a few test runs without filming, like a play. When it comes to actually filming, we were given a camera and tripod. We were also given the clapper board and some filming advice from Willie Mc Tearnan. He works with Fìs (They’re the people who run the whole project). After we finish all the filming, its time to start edditing. We remove the clapper board and the directors ‘action’ and ‘cut’. It takes a while (especially when you think you deleted the whole film by accident but didnt!) but the finished product is really good. The bloopers reel is one of the best parts because its hilarious to see people forgetting their lines or falling over and just being completely stupid on camera.
This year we made a film inspired by Harry Potter. Ron’s wand was broken, but he ‘fixed’ it (he tapped it back together ‘neatly’) and he cast a spell, transporting himself, Harry and Hermoine to a school in the muggle (real) world. Their mission was to find out how to get back to Hogwarts. They find a portkey that will bring them back but they are interroupted by a group of school childeren, who accidently get transported to Hogwarts.
This year I was co-director, co-edditor, script, costume and provided the props.
When im older I want to make films, so to be able to have a go at actually making a film was great. I love to watch behind the scenes of my favorite films. Its cool to see everything without special effects or CGI. Its just the actors in front of a green screen. Or seeing the stunt doubles doing daring stunts on wires. Or the amazing prosthetics created by the make-up artist. The costume designers are great too. But there wouldnt be a film without a director. They tell the actors how they would like them to say their lines. They create the image they have in their head and put it on camera. Some films go on to make billions like Titanic or The Lion King. When a film has a huge budget, it has more effects and tricks and is just basically a bigger movie than something with a small budget. But that doesn’t automaticaly make it a good film. It depends on the actors, director and crew together. Anyway, we got our ‘low budget Oscar’ so we’re happy!

Margaret Mary Murphy

6th Class


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