Slán leis an mBunscoil 2016


Today we say slán to our 6th class who have been part of our lives here for the past eight years. They have been a fun loving bunch who just love having the craic. Don’t be surprised if some of them end up in Hollywood. We’ve had fun! Slán agus go neirí an bóthar libh.



June 24, 2016 · 9:09 am

8 responses to “Slán leis an mBunscoil 2016

  1. darragh dwyer

    This year was great craic at school. I am happy but sad at the same time for leaving school. I am fairly excited for secondary. :]

  2. stbrendans

    Real happy last day of school.Can’t wait for the end of the day.
    Stephen Neville.

  3. David Somers

    I started here in 3rd class so wasn’t here forever. But I still enjoyed it. I rather here than my old school. I have great friends. I will really will miss this place:)

  4. stbrendans

    Sixth class was real fun.
    Going to miss them all so much.

  5. Áine Rohan

    Slán Lads. Ye were probably the second best sixth class that we have came across so far😉. I am so sad that ye are leaving😂😂. I hope you all have a good time in secondary school.

  6. Ben Moore

    It was great craic with 6th class for all of the seven years that I was with them, I will miss them, good luck in secondary

  7. Sad to be leaving but on to bigger things I guess! I know the other classes will miss the famous Maggie MooMoo! My favourite part of the school day was……going home. But we had our ups and downs (maths was down and lunch was up!) Try not to cry too much lads, after your fav 6th class EVER!!!! 👋🏻😂

  8. David Somers

    I’ll miss that place and Darragh and Twini

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