Hon da ‘Shocks

#Hon the ‘Shocks from St. Brendan’s on Vimeo.

Getting to Croke Park is every players dream including mine.To represent your club or county is huge and that’s exactly what Carrickshock are doing this Saturday. They are up against Galway’s Ahascragh-Fohenagh and they will be trying their ultimate best to try prevent us from winning the cup(which nobody knows the name of!) and of course the title of All-Ireland Champions 2017. I am absolutely ecstatic for the All-Ireland and this match will be one of the most important games of the club’s history. If they win the parish will be absolutely delighted, but the team need to watch Ahascragh’s county players Padraig and Cathal Mannion who are in in top form.The Mannion’s will be some of Ahascragh’s vital players to winning the game, but Carrickshock also have their key players too. To be totally honest I didn’t think Carrickshock would reach an All-Ireland Final, I don’t think anybody really did, but they were too happy to even realise! I am so nervous for the match. My dad said you’d swear that I was starting full forward! My cousin Damien Walsh may be starting in midfield and he’s delighted but quite nervous. I hope Carrickshock win the All-Ireland so bad, but one thing is for sure even if we lose on Saturday the Shocks boys are still going home winners no matter what. HON DA SHOCKS!!!

Faye 6th Class.



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2 responses to “Hon da ‘Shocks

  1. Aoife Drea

    Good song Áine & Mikey hon the shocks

  2. Faye Lanigan

    Go on Mikey and Áine. The song is unreal, Hon Da Shocks!

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