Slàn leis an mBunscoil 2017


After spending 8 years in this amazing school I will look back at my time here and smile (: -Aoife Drea

Seeing as its my last full day I’m making the most of it.It is going to be very weird not seeing everyone’s faces. I’m going to miss all my class mates. (; Chantelle Somers

I find it kind of weird that today is the last full day in primary school. I will never finish at three o clock again. (; Edward Dwyer

I find it quite unbelievable that I will be leaving this school . In a way I will be sad leaving this school because I will miss my friends and going to school in my local area. (; Ben Moore.

I will really miss this great school and I will be sad to say ‘good-bye’. I have really enjoyed my time here. -Rebecca-

I can’t believe I’m leaving primary school already! I’ve enjoyed my time here and I think I might actually miss school here too! (; Faye Lanigan

Wow, these eight years have flown by. It is hard to believe that it is all coming to an end now. I have had a brilliant time in this small school. Áine.








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6 responses to “Slàn leis an mBunscoil 2017

  1. stbrendans

    I am going to cry when they leave….. with happiness.
    The only pupil I am going to miss is ……. my sister. WINK!!! WINK!!! I am sure Mr.Duggan will be sad to see his favourite students leave. ( Aoife and Faye ) Oh yeah!!! I forgot when they leave I am going to…… PARTY!!!!!!!!
    Mikey 4th class

  2. stbrendans

    I’ll miss most of them.
    Morette 4th class

  3. stbrendans

    I don’t mind if they leave or not.
    Aoife 4th class

  4. stbrendans

    I will miss some of them . . . only some of them.

    John Paul 5th class

  5. Áine Rohan

    Thanks a lot there guys, by the sound of ye you won’t even notice we’re gone. Anyway, we have had a brilliant time in this school and now we are moving on to bigger and better things. So all that is left to say is ‘Slán agus go raibh maith agat.

  6. Chantelle Somers

    hello its chantelle im in computer class right now. Do yee miss me???

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