Match Report: Mikey’s team come out on top of an intense school final.


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On the 14th of September 2017 the Gaelic Football league final was taking place at big lunch with Mikey’s team and Adam’s team battling it out to see who would get the all important free homework and also bragging rights until the hurling starts. The match started with both getting one goal and one point shortly followed by Mikey’s team getting another goal and point. Adam’s team then pulled ahead by one point by getting one goal and two points. Then all of a sudden Mikey’s team gained three goals in quick succession to put them in a wonderful position at half time with the score looking like this. Half Time: Adam 2-3:5-1 Mikey. The second half started with two goals again only this time Mikey’s team had scored both of them. Then Adam rugby tackled Cian as what happens at home I suspect and Cian stepped up to take the penalty. He walked and smashed it into corner but Adam jumped and pulled off a great save. Next came the closest Adam’s team came to scoring when Oisin shot but only to see his shot saved on the line by Aisling. Adam’s team did get a few points back but solid defending from Morette, Aisling and Emma and some great saves by Mikey meant they couldn’t break through for another goal. Mikey’s team got another point to practically seal the deal. The final whistle blew and the celebrations started for Mikey’s team. That was the school league football final, I hope you enjoyed my match report.


Sean 5th class


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