School in the 1950’s

Paddy Rohan (Mikey’s grandad) came to Newmarket N.S. on 06/09/2017. He told us about what school was like when he was young. He started school in1949. His first headmaster was Mr. O’ Sullivan . Sometimes he would come to school by pony with his brother Noel. Before he came to school he would milk the cows and then bring the milk to the creamery .And sometimes he would milk Mr. Twomey’s cows too. When his younger brother ,Seamus, started school they had to get a pony and trap . In school they had no electricity or heating so they used tilly lamps for light and a fire for heat. Everyone had to bring in a block of wood the fire and whoever brought  in the in the most wood each week would get no homework for the weekend. Each day they would drop the pony and trap into Mrs. Nolan,who lived beside the school . The toilet  in school didn’t flush and were only cleaned once a month . There was no toilet paper so you would need to bring newspaper instead . Also there was no sink only a barrel filled with rainwater. For drinking water they had to bring two buckets of water from St. Brendan’s well to the school . His talk was very interesting  and it was great to hear about what our school was like in the 1950’s.

John Paul

6th class

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  1. Maria O Shea

    Thanks Tom, didn’t realise it was John Paul’s until i got to the end, very proud mammy here

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