Bee-Bots and WeDo Lego

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This year for Science week 2018, we borrowed Bee-Bots and We-Do Lego kits from Kilkenny Education Centre. You can build lego objects and programme them to move, tilt or rotate depending on the smart hub and sensors that you use. You then programme them using We-Do Lego 2.0 app on the Ipad.

Check out our work in the slides above. We worked in pairs or some groups of three. Matthew and Oisín put an object detector arm on Milo the science rover, thus enabling him to stop at a plant specimen.

Donnacha and Ellie built a moving satellite which rotates 360 degrees. Satellites need to move to avoid meteors. Seán and Marie-Therese also built this project.

John and Tessa made a cooling fan. They programmed the motor to turn at different speeds. Serena and Aoife made a cooling fan also but activated different sounds as it rotated.

The Bee-Bots were brought to 1st, 2nd and 3rd once fourth and fifth class had explored them and worked out a challenge for the junior classes. The challenge was to get the Bee-Bot to travel on digital numbers from start to finish never moving off the line and turning at the correct times. It was great fun but sadly the equipment will be returned soon.

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  1. Fantastic work, well done to all the young scientists👏👏👏👏

    Mr. Duggan

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