STEM Showcase

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Stem Showcase

This year at St Brendan’s N.S., all classes have worked diligently towards achieving a DPSM (Discover Primary Science and Maths) Plaque of STEM excellence. Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes presented and explained their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) work. Fifth Class presented a powerpoint of their work to the second class. They also brought a catapult and demonstrated how it worked. Second class, in turn, shared their findings from investigating magnets. We observed that opposite poles attract and like poles repel. We saw how magnets attract iron filings and can pick up a large number of paper clips.

Sixth Class presented a powerpoint of their work to third class. They demonstrated some gravity experiments, and third class had to predict what would happen e.g. would the ball of paper or the flat sheet of paper fall to the ground first? The flat sheet fell more slowly due to air resistance and that led us to parachutes. Sixth class had designed and made a landing craft for an egg, and they demonstrated how the parachute slowed down the landing craft so that it landed smoothly.

Third Class spoke about the paper helicopters experiment. We observed that the helicopters rotated clockwise as they fell towards the ground. Third also had a marvellous rocket. It was based on stored energy. When you pull back the elastic band, the elastic band stores this energy. When you let it go, it releases this energy and the rocket flies through the air. Well done to all the presenters who spoke and demonstrated.

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