5th & 6th Class


Noah and Amelia

“Woooo,” Amelia cheered victoriously.

“You only won because of that flock of birds in my way,” Noah replied embarrassed. “That’s what they all say,” Amelia said in a condescending tone. “Oh, shut up,” “This is the life,” Amelia mumbled. “Sure is…anyway, I’m off, see you next week,” he said while back-flipping off the handle of the fire-escape. “Ok,” Amelia replied sliding down a water-pole. This is Noah and Amelia and they’re urban explorers.

Smith, Noah, aged 20, born 11:58 2018. Smith, Amelia, aged 20, born 12:01 2019.

These are their NYPD police records if you were wondering. These were archived 7 months ago when they were caught trespassing on private property. Although, now they live in Tokyo… after being caught in Los Angeles, Paris, Beijing and Hong Kong. They are legends in the urban explorer community after becoming the first ever climbers to touch the Statue of Liberty’s torch. So as you can tell, they’re good.


The Next Sunday

“Any narrow ledges tonight, Noah?” Amelia projected while parkouring down into an industrial-sized bin.”Is that an expression or literal?” “Both,” “Well, yes there is,” he replied. “I found a new route to Tokyo Tower”, he continued. “How is it?” Amelia asked “Decent,” he replied. They both leap off the apartment in unison. “Wooooo”, they both shout. This is why it’s worth it, all the danger, prison time and never having a place to call home. All of that is meaningless when you feel the wind pushing against your skin. It’s great, amazi- “STOP RIGHT THERE,” a TMPD officer roared at the confused twins. “RUN” Amelia bellowed while accelerating. You didn’t have to tell him twice. They were both off in a heartbeat. They could hear the engine of the police car start in the distance. This is a police chase, they thought. Noah and Amelia leapt from window sill to window sill, slid down drain pipes and swung from building to building like Tarzan and somehow still haven’t escaped the police. Finally, they arrived at a dead end, the officers followed. “Ha, we’ve got you now,” one said panting. “Well it was bound to happen at some point,” Amelia said and they both leapt into battle. Noah dove in legs first into the chest of one officer and Amelia followed. The officers tried to fight back but there was no point. Noah and Amelia have been in this situation before. “That was easier than usu-” Noah was cut short by a 5cm chunk of metal colliding with his chest. “Noah, Noah are you ok?” Amelia said worriedly. She was just about to cry tears of sadness but different tears started leaking after she was also hit by a bullet. Smith, Noah, aged 21, born 11:58 2018. Smith, Amelia aged 21, born 12:01 2019. These are their death certificates if you were wondering.

The End

By Seán o’ Toole (6th Class)


100 Word Challenge  Week 4

The Teacher.

This isn’t one of those pink, fluffy fantasy stories, with beautiful animals such as giraffes and zebras galloping around. No. This is a story about a horrible teacher. “Miss, miss, may I go to the toilet, please miss?” asked Richard. The teacher walked over to him, her nostrils flaring, her eyes ablaze. Richard was quietly cowering at this stage. He was nervously drilling holes in his rubber with his pencil. Suddenly the teacher got so angry that she turned into a monstrous beast terrorising the class. The teacher made a deafening noise, caught Richard and locked him in the storeroom.



11 responses to “5th & 6th Class

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m from a school in Bury, and in year 6, I loved your 100 word challenge. I liked this sentence: The teacher walked over to him, her nostrils flaring, her eyes ablaze. By reading your work I can tell your a good writer.
    You have used all the words – quietly, pink, giraffe, drilling, teacher.

    Maybe next time you could try and use ING openers it will make your writing look really good!
    From Keira
    Why don’t you visit our blog – http://ribbledriveprimary.net/year62016/

    • stbrendans

      Hi Keira,
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my 100 word challenge. I hope you enjoyed it. I really like writing stories and I really like when I get feedback, so thank you for the comment!

  2. Kacey

    Fantastic story, totally different to any other ones I have read. I really enjoyed reading your story.

    • stbrendans

      Hi there Kacey,
      Thank you for commenting on my story, I hope you like it. I really appreciate you complimenting my 100 word challenge. Thank you!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    This is An Excellent 100 word challenge.
    You have used inverted commas, speech marks, commas, capital letters, and full stops. Have you ever heard of ACARPPIE by Alan Pete? If you have, then you have used a lot of the ACARPPIE.
    From Jake.
    Come and visit our blog at http://ribbledriveprimary.net/year62016/

    • stbrendans

      Hi Jake,
      Thank you for reading my story, I really hope you liked it. No, I never heard of ACARPPIE but thank you for telling me about it. I hope you enjoyed reading my story because I really enjoyed writing it.

  4. Mrs Boyce

    Wow, Rebecca – This is a terrific story you’ve written.
    I really enjoyed it. Well done!
    It reminded me a little of The Demon Headmaster. We read it last year as one of our class novels.
    Is this your first 100wc?
    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs Boyce

    • stbrendans

      Hi, Mrs Boyce – yes, this is my first 100 word challenge. I am delighted that you have read my story. I hope you enjoyed it. I love writing stories and I hope that other people enjoy reading them. Thank you for the comment on my story, I really appreciate it!

  5. Charlotte Washer

    Hi Rebecca,
    I really enjoyed reading your 100wc and I thought they way you incorporated those five very different words in one piece of writing was very creative. I also loved how you added a bit of authors voice in there as well, keep up the great work.

  6. Ellen Lyons

    Hi Rebecca
    I loved your story, well done on getting in to the speical showcase. You can and see my story if you click here = http://smppspower.weebly.com/100-wc-week-5/ellen-l#comments, Thank you 🙂
    From Ellen Lyons.

  7. Katie F.

    Hi, my name is Katie and I am in 5th grade. I think you did a great job! If you want to look at my class’s 100 word challenges, you can look here: https://kidblog.org/class/mrs-golds-class-507b/posts Thanks 😝

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