Green Schools

Our Biodiversity Slogan

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Mrs. Dunphy and the Green School Committee had a meeting today to choose the best biodiversity slogan. They decided to combine two entries to make up our biodiversity slogan which reads Healthy and Green, Keep our World Clean as There is no Planet B. Congratulations to Olivia in 5th class and Tessa in 5th class who came up with the winning slogans.

Youth Assembly on Climate Action

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On Friday 15 November, 157 young delegates from all over the republic of Ireland convened the first-ever Youth Assembly on Climate at Dáil Eireann. Matthew in 6th class reminded us that we could see it live on  News Now & Oireachtas TV.  Hence 5th and 6th Class here at St Brendan’s first read about the three candidates representing Kilkenny namely Jane Prendergast, Medha Trehan and Ruby Woods. They then watched the delegates from the Power Group, Food and Farming Committee and the Economics Speakers present their proposals. We were very impressed by their proposals and their enthusiasm.


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On Friday 18th October 2019, Ms. Walsh’s Junior Room enjoyed a visit from the Heritage Council. They learned about Biodiversity. They studied the leaves from the trees growing outside including Ash, Oak, and Sycamore. They also made origami bees. Pupils from Mrs. Dunphy’s room also went outside to study the flora and fauna within our school grounds. 5th and 6th Class were unable to go out as it was raining, but they drew beautiful maps to indicate where we could plant a wild meadow to improve the biodiversity in our school.

Something Fishy

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This morning Declan Cullen and Noel Power from Inland Fisheries came to speak to 4th, 5th and 6th Class about fish, water and angling. Prior to their visit, we had studied the Something Fishy programme which educates students on fish, water, angling, and the environment and angling. After a very informative and interesting talk, we visited the Little Arrigle river. Some of the fourth class pupils checked out the fly fishing rod before we left. It’s unbelievable how light it weights.

When we got to the river, the samples were placed in white trays so that all pupils could see the freshwater organisms. We identified river lamprey, leeches, mayfly (three tails), eels and one stickleback. We also saw a caddisfly which looks like a stick, until you peer closely and see its head peeking out. Then pupils were challenged to try and catch the eels with their bare hands. First, you had to put your hands down in the water and make them cold, so that your hands would not burn the fish. Check out the pictures above and you will soon see why they say as “slippery as an eel.”  (4th June 2019)


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We are now working towards our Green Flag in Biodiversity. We completed a survey in Biodiversity at the beginning of the school year, and we found out what it means and how important it is. A poster competition was organised for the classes from second to sixth to design a poster informing us about Biodiversity.

The work was of a very high standard and it was a difficult task to pick the best entries. In the senior room, congratulations go to Serena (6th Class) for her superb poster. Edee (5th Class) and Olivia, Daniel and Ellie (all in 4th Class) were highly commended for their beautiful posters. In the middle room, the top prize went to Alfie (2nd Class) for his excellent poster. Cian and Emily (3rd Class) and Clodagh (2nd Class) were highly commended for their work. ( May 1st 2019)

Castlecomer Discovery Park

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Today we went to Castlecomer Discovery Park.First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class all went together with Ms Carroll, Mrs Dunphy and Jackie. We learned about fresh water ecology and we found lots of interesting creatures in the river.  There were freshwater shrimp, caddis flies, mayfly nymphs and pond skaters. We also caught little fish and returned them to the water quickly so they could get oxygen. Niamh our guide told us not to touch the creatures with our hands as we would make them too hot. After collecting the creatures in water trays we identified them using a key. All creatures were returned to the river. It was a nice experience and we enjoyed it a lot though our feet were freezing from standing in the cold water and some of us got wet feet. However we soon warmed up when we got to the Water Shed for swimming.

SoF and AK (6th Class) ( 18th Oct 2018)

Our Green Flag Ceremony 2018: Transport Flag

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We left school at 10:15 and got in the car to go to the green school ceremony in Hotel Kilkenny. We went to get our 4th flag the Travel Flag. We had our pictures taken with the green school’s flag. Then we saw people with green lips getting their photos taken. So we went over. Jess got green lips and a tiara, Donnacha a green hat green moustache and green glasses. Conor got a green hat and a moustache. It was so funny. When Mrs. Dunphy was checking in, she got little goody bags and we got a little flag, a pencil case,  and a badge. All the schools from Kilkenny got a picture together and then all the schools from Tipperary came up and did a rap. People came up and gave speeches about Green Schools. When we got our travel flag they congratulated us,  after that we went downstairs and got dinner and dessert. Mrs. Dunphy gave us jellies for being good. We shared them out with our whole class. We had a really good day.

By Jessica MacNamara and Donnacha Sheridan. (May 2018)

Our Green Flag Ceremony 2016 ( Water)


In June 2016 we received our third green flag for Water. We are now working towards our fourth green flag. The theme for this flag is Transport.

Our Green Flag Ceremony 2013

2nd green flag

In June 2013 we received our second green flag. We earned this flag for our work on the theme of energy.
We are now working towards our third flag. The theme for this flag is Water.

Here are our 6th class pupils with their first attempt at making a movie using an Ipad:

We Want To Be A Real Green School from St. Brendan’s on Vimeo.

Green Flag Award Ceremony 2011


green flag award 2011

On the 4th of March, we went in to collect our first Green Flag. The ceremony took place in Hotel Kilkenny. There were schools from Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, South Tipperary and North Tipperary. It took about two hours to get through all the schools. We went in at half ten and we were second to be called out. We felt delighted to get our first Green Flag. After the prize-giving, we got lunch in the restaurant. We got spaghetti. Yummy!!!! When we came back to school, we gave out pencils, rubbers, rulers and leaflets. When our friends from Norway and England come over in June we will be raising our Green Flag!
By Hannah. 5th class

What is Green-Schools?

Green-Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.

A Green Schools committee has been set up in our school and we have been working hard in order to receive a green flag.

Click here to read more about our activities: Green Schools Award Application St. Brendan’s N.S.


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