Slàn leis an mBunscoil 2017


After spending 8 years in this amazing school I will look back at my time here and smile (: -Aoife Drea

Seeing as its my last full day I’m making the most of it.It is going to be very weird not seeing everyone’s faces. I’m going to miss all my class mates. (; Chantelle Somers

I find it kind of weird that today is the last full day in primary school. I will never finish at three o clock again. (; Edward Dwyer

I find it quite unbelievable that I will be leaving this school . In a way I will be sad leaving this school because I will miss my friends and going to school in my local area. (; Ben Moore.

I will really miss this great school and I will be sad to say ‘good-bye’. I have really enjoyed my time here. -Rebecca-

I can’t believe I’m leaving primary school already! I’ve enjoyed my time here and I think I might actually miss school here too! (; Faye Lanigan

Wow, these eight years have flown by. It is hard to believe that it is all coming to an end now. I have had a brilliant time in this small school. Áine.








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Cluiche Ceannais na mBunscoileanna

Dé Luain seo caite bhí Carraig Seabhac ag imirt i gcluiche ceannais an chontae ag a trí a chlog. Bhí an aimsir uafásach agus bhí sé ag stealladh báistí. Thosaigh Carriaig Seabhac go maith agus fuair siad trí pointí. Ansin fuair Tullogher 1-2. Ag leath ama bhí Tullogher ag buachaint 1-2 go 0-3. Ansin chuaigh Áine go dtí leathtosaí lár agus fuair sí 2-8. Fuair mé cúl gleoite agus nuair a shéid an réiteoir an fheadóg bhí an bua ag Carraig Seabhac. Bhí mé ar muin na muice. Bhí mé ag imirt i lar ná páirce. Chuaigh foireann Carrig Seabhac go dtí Carrolls agus d’ith mé béile blasta. Chuaigh mé agus mó chairde go dtí an siopa agus cheannaigh mé a lán milséan. Níl dhéanfaidh mé dearmad go deo ar an lá seo.

Aoife 6th class

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Hon the Shocks

On the 18th of February Carrickshock GAA won an Intermediate All-Ireland Final. They beat Ahascragh- Fohenagh on a score line of 2-16 to 0-6. The match was on at the GAA headquarters, the one and only Croke Park. I was there and I was an anxious Carrickshock supporter. Ahascragh- Fohenagh are from Galway and for all you GAA fans you might know what famous hurlers play club hurling for them. Cathal and Padráic Mannion are from Ahascragh- Fohenagh. Just because they have two county players doesn’t mean we can’t match that. We have Kilkenny’s one and only Richie Power, John Power, John Tennyson, John Dalton and Michael Rice. Carrickshock were relegated from the Senior ranks last year unfortunately but they bounced back very quickly indeed. Anyway onto the match. A lot of people were very scared that Ahascragh- Fohenagh would trash Carrickshock but Carrickshock were determined not to lose. Carrickshock lost the same match in 2004. Around six of the players who were playing in that one point defeat in 2004  were playing in Croker on the 18th of February. Carrickshock started the match very strongly and had four points before Ahascragh-Fohenagh put the ball over the crossbar. Just before the end of the first half Padráic Mannion fouled Richie Power inside the box so it was a penalty. Richie’s brother Jamie who is the Carrickshock goalkeeper sprinted up the pitch and scored the penalty by blasting it into the bottom left corner. Again in the second half Carrickshock started strongly and early in the second half Damien Walsh got the second and last goal of the match. Then Carrickshock started pulling away and Richie Power showed his pure skill and ability by just catching puck outs and slotting them over the bar. In the end the score was 2-16 to 0-6. John Tennyson was the man to walk up the steps of Croke Park and represent Carrickshock and lift the cup. I hope this isn’t the last time Carrickshock win an All-Ireland. This was the proudest day of my life.


6th Class

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Hon da ‘Shocks

#Hon the ‘Shocks from St. Brendan’s on Vimeo.

Getting to Croke Park is every players dream including mine.To represent your club or county is huge and that’s exactly what Carrickshock are doing this Saturday. They are up against Galway’s Ahascragh-Fohenagh and they will be trying their ultimate best to try prevent us from winning the cup(which nobody knows the name of!) and of course the title of All-Ireland Champions 2017. I am absolutely ecstatic for the All-Ireland and this match will be one of the most important games of the club’s history. If they win the parish will be absolutely delighted, but the team need to watch Ahascragh’s county players Padraig and Cathal Mannion who are in in top form.The Mannion’s will be some of Ahascragh’s vital players to winning the game, but Carrickshock also have their key players too. To be totally honest I didn’t think Carrickshock would reach an All-Ireland Final, I don’t think anybody really did, but they were too happy to even realise! I am so nervous for the match. My dad said you’d swear that I was starting full forward! My cousin Damien Walsh may be starting in midfield and he’s delighted but quite nervous. I hope Carrickshock win the All-Ireland so bad, but one thing is for sure even if we lose on Saturday the Shocks boys are still going home winners no matter what. HON DA SHOCKS!!!

Faye 6th Class.


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Trip to Castlemorris, Turas go Doire Liath


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Ar an tocht ú la de mhí Feabhra shúil mé go dtí An Doire Liath. Shúil mé agus rang a ceathar, cúig agus sé. Chonaic mé Loch, planda, éan, crann agus caisleán. Bhí an máistir ag glacadh grainghraif. Bhí a lán duilleoga ar an talamh. Chonaic mé geataí mhóra agus an teach geata. Thaispeán Chris teach broc dúinn. Ó gheata scoile go gheata na scoile bhí sé 6.23km. Bhí an aimsir go deas. Bhí lá iontach ag gach duine.


rang a sé

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A Visit to St.Joseph’s

carol-singers-2016Today, 20-12-16, fourth, fifth and sixth class went to St.Joseph’s Nursing Home, Kilmogany. We sang songs for the elderly there. We also played some songs on our recorders for them. It was great to sing Christmas songs for them all. I was so happy to see all those smiling faces beaming up at us while we sang. It was a great experience for the young and the old at the nursing home today. I am a regular  visitor to the home because my mother works there. It was really enjoyable singing our Christmas hymns and carols for everyone at the home. I thought it was very fun to be able to go around and have a chat with all the old folks. We got some treats when we finished singing and we also got no homework. I think it is very important to go visit the elderly close to Christmas, especially the ones who have no family to visit them. We had a wonderful day today.

Rebecca 6th class

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Music through the Ages

Simon O’ Dwyer came to our school last week .He brought cool old Irish instruments. He told us a really good story. The story was about fishermen. They got horns and they were known as the horn players. Simon bought in the first flute and it was a stone with a hole in the top. The second flute was a bone with a hole in the top, another one in the middle and four others at the bottom. There was the bullhorn, the castanets, the goat horn and the ram horn. There was a small European snail shell and a large African snail shell and a bronze trumpet that was really really long. They made the best music I’ve ever heard. We had lots of fun. It was really funny when he blew the horns because his face went red all over. He was really great to listen to!!!!!!

3rd Class

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