Parents Association

This page is for our parents association to advertise their events:

Agenda Parents Association meeting Thurs. Oct. 1st  2015 : Agenda PA Oct 2015
Agenda Parents Association meeting Wed 23rd May 2012
Agenda_PA_Meeting_23 May_2012
Minutes of PA Meeting 22 Feb 2012
Minutes of PA Oct 2011
Agenda Parent’s Association meeting Wed. 15th Feb 2012: Agenda_PA_Meeting_15_Feb_2012

Agenda Parent’s Association Meeting 12.10.2011: Agenda PA Meeting 12 Oct 2011


Parents Association 2017-18

Chairperson: Claire Cahill
Secretary:  Evelyn Donnelly
Assistant Sec. : Margaret Aylward

school Calendar 2018-19
In June 2012 we had a Whole School Evaluation (W.S.E.) in our school. This report has now been published on the Dept. of Education website. Click here to read the official report:

Croke Park Hours: For the school year 2017-18 the staff allocated the following hours:
18 hours: School Planning
4 hours: Continuous Professional Development
6hours: staff meetings
8hours : Policy Development

Click here to read the latest school newsletters:

School Newsletter June 2018: school newletter 260618

School Newsletter June 2017: school newletter 270617

School Newsletter June 2016:school Newsletter June 2016

School Newsletter Dec.2015 School Newsletter Colour Dec 15

school newletter 050915June 2013:school newletter 210613

Click here to read the latest school newsletter: January 2013: school newletter 100113

Click here to see the school calendar for 2013/14: schoolCalendar 2013-14

Click here to read the latest school newsletter Dec. 2011: school newletter 221211

Click here for School Newsletter April 2011: Newmarket News april2011


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