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Silver? It should be Gold!

silver lining showSilver Lining productions came to Newmarket school on the 19-12-17. The children here in Newmarket loved them and I`m here to tell you why. Kate and Danny were the two entertainers. They were absolutely brilliant. Kate is very talented, in the show Kate did dances and she did a bit of comedy. Danny was great as well. He did things like play the drums and the clarinet. They did a lot more than that but we would be here all day if I named them all. One thing that really added to the show was the laser lights and music. One act I really liked was when Kate put glasses in between platforms and put a metal cylinder on top. Then she put a piece of wood on top and then balanced. I loved the show and I definitely recommend it. Thank you for reading.


4th class


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Fionn Mac Cumhal comes to Newmarket

Yesterday the Clann Cluana theatre group visited our school and performed a play called Fionn Mac Cumhal. It was very funny, very interesting and very good. The three actors were excellent. The hound Félim was the funniest character. His dream was to become leader of the Fianna hounds. Fionn was brave and it was his destiny to become leader of the Fianna. It was quite sad when Brian the poet died. He was killed by Fiacúil the thief. Finégas had 6 rules. Fionn was raised in the Slieve Bloom mountains. He was raised by his mother. His dad died, he was killed. It was a great play. Everybody liked it. Out of 10 I would give it 10/10. It was a lovely treat for the school.

Jack M. 4th class

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