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Funky Kids take Hugginstown by storm ⛈

On March 12th and 13th a couple Dennis and Olivia came to St Brendan’s N.S. Schools all over Kilkenny Carlow and Wexford and some in Waterford take part in the funky kids programme. The last time Dennis and Olivia came to St Brendan’s was in 2016. Dennis and Olivia pick songs and make up dance moves and then teach the children the moves and the words of the song over 10 weeks and then after those 10 weeks Dennis and Olivia set up at Hugginstown hall and put on a show with the moves we learned. The parents come and watch the show this is called the Funky Kids show. The children also make their costumes out of different materials. A raffle is also organised on the night. This year two children each night did a comedy scene. And let me tell you something it blew the crowd away.

Edee 4th class

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