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Slán agus Go Raibh Maith Agaibh


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Funky Kids take Hugginstown by storm ⛈

On March 12th and 13th a couple Dennis and Olivia came to St Brendan’s N.S. Schools all over Kilkenny Carlow and Wexford and some in Waterford take part in the funky kids programme. The last time Dennis and Olivia came to St Brendan’s was in 2016. Dennis and Olivia pick songs and make up dance moves and then teach the children the moves and the words of the song over 10 weeks and then after those 10 weeks Dennis and Olivia set up at Hugginstown hall and put on a show with the moves we learned. The parents come and watch the show this is called the Funky Kids show. The children also make their costumes out of different materials. A raffle is also organised on the night. This year two children each night did a comedy scene. And let me tell you something it blew the crowd away.

Edee 4th class

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Criostóir Ó Tuama

A person in our village who has put his heart and soul into our community is Criostóir ó Tuama. He was from Ballyvourney, West Cork. He came to Newmarket in 1952. For 37 years he was the principal of Newmarket N.S. Thanks to Criostóir, Newmarket was the first rural community in 1957 with a water scheme. He had a keen interest in G.A.A and trained the parish school team for 27 years. In 1988 he retired and moved on from teaching to becoming involved in tidy towns and he formed a committee. He was the secretary of the Newmarket tidy towns committee for many years. Newmarket got top marks in category A of the Kilkenny tidy towns for ten years! He also took care of Calvary cemetery, the local graveyard. He used to often visit us in Newmarket school. He used to always influence us to speak the Irish language. He always loved the Irish language, even if he came into the school to visit us he would talk in Irish and encourage us to as well. Criostóir used to visit us very frequently. He thought the Irish language should come first. He was also responsible for the building of Gairdín an Ghorta which is a lovely garden remembering the famine in 1841. He very sadly passed away on the 30th of December 2014. We, the pupils in Newmarket school played the recorder in his memory in Hugginstown church on the 6th of January 2015. It was very sad. Everyone that knew Criostóir will always remember him. He was a person who made a great contribution to our community. To the very end, Criostóir was working to finish the footpath from the village to the Gairdin, and for Newmarket church to reopen. We will certainly never forget Criostóir. I don’t think anyone who knew him will. We will very much miss his frequent visits, and his encouragement to us for the Irish language. Our prayers are sent to Criostóir’s family and friends.
Leah 6th class


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My Confirmation

The night before my Confirmation was a bit stressful! We were trying to make sure everything was ready and perfect! Of course not everything was perfect, the weather! It was so typical, Saturday was a gorgeous day and the sun was splitting the stones! But unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for Sunday, in fact it was the complete opposite! But I was determined to enjoy my day however the weather! When it came to the morning of the Confirmation I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. And the good thing was that I woke up to a bouncy slide outside! When it was time to leave the house I nearly left without my recorder, but I ran back inside to get it. Once we got to the church it was nearly full! I must say, I felt very important! Father Hoyne, Father Cassin and Bishop Seamus Freeman said the mass. When it was time for the 7 of us to go up and say a reading I felt a bit nervous, but once I said the first word I felt comfortable. We belted out all the songs we learned throughout the mass and the girls who sang the solos sand brilliantly! There are three stages in the confirmation mass, first is the renewal of baptismal promises, second is the laying on of hands and third is the anointing of the oil of chrism. When the mass was over all three schools tried to take a picture but there were too many of us so we took one of each school on their own. When we got home we had half an hour or so until everyone came. I stayed on the bouncy slide but it was soaking! When I came inside my cousin Johnny asked me if I had a shower in my clothes! The weather was a bit disappointing considering that I had a bouncy slide but putting that aside I had a wonderful time and it was a great day!

Catherine Cassin
6th Class

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Funky Kids Show 2014

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On the 18th and 19th of January 2014 I had my third and final Funky Kids show. It was the end of the line for 5th and 6th class but I know that I will remember Funky Kids for the rest of my life. First we were practicing for 10 weeks. The second Denis and Olivia walked in for the third time we all went mad. They told us we were performing an ABBA medley, Face off ( Face off is when we put masks on we no eye holes and we sing and dance), Rockin Robin, One Fine Face ( We do this with the Juniors and Seniors) and the Salley Gardens. But on the night of the show the Juniors and Seniors went first and they sang a song called Mr. Rhino. After that they sang Ants in your Pants and their last song was One Fine Face which we helped out with. Then it was the middle room’s turn and they sang Moonshadow, I don’t want to live on the Moon, Teddy Bear, Love me Tender and Jailhouse Rock. After that we had a raffle and when that was over Denis dressed up as a fairy and went to the audience to find a replacement and the person chosen on the first night was Dima’s dad and on the second night it was my Dad. I was so proud of him. He was very funny! After that it was our turn in the spotlight. I really enjoyed face off. I was dancing to Can’t Touch This in it. But you can’t beat ABBA. We all gave it our all and it turned out to be exceptional. After it was over Denis and Olivia and Mr. Duggan gave a speech. After it was all over we helped Denis and Olivia clean up. When we left we said a big goodbye to Denis and Olivia. From day one to my last day it has been an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. It was the best day of my life and I will never forget it.
Jack M 5th class


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Ray O’ Dwyer

Ray O’Dwyer is 22 years old. He is in the Paralympic games in London.His sports are Shot Putt, Discus and Javelin. He is a past pupil of our school.We are all very proud of him. We hope he brings back a medal but if he doesn’t we don’t mind because he is making us proud just being there. His first event is on 1st of Sept. at 7pm. his second event is 4th of Sept at 7pm and his last event is on the 7th of Sept at 7 pm.The first event is Javelin then Shot Putt and finally Discus .We all hope he does really well and we are all behind him.
Liam 5th class


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Confirmation 2012

On Saturday 28th of January, the pupils of Stoneyford
Newmarket and Monroe Schools made their Confirmation.
Everyone was very excited and there was a lot of preparation for the mass, including singing, serving and talking.At the beginning of our Confirmation mass some of the pupils brought seven gifts to the altar to represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. During the mass we sang lots of hymns including This Is The Day and Today and From Now On. Hannah was brilliant at singing On Eagles Wings and our recorder players did great at Ubi Caritas. A few babies were crying during the mass but the Bishop took it very well, cracking a few jokes. There was a mixture of parents, pupils, teachers and sponsors doing the prayers of the faithful and readings. The mass was an hour and twenty minutes long but it felt like a lot less. We met the Bishop
and went up one by one to be anointed with the oil of chrism. After the mass we took a group photo that can be seen on the blog. Most of us got a photograph with our families and the Bishop after mass. We all went and had little celebrations of our own. It was a nice day.


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