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A Visit To Kilkenny Castle

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5th class pupils share their thoughts:

On Thursday 22nd November 2018, 1st to 6th Classes went to Kilkenny Castle. My favourite room was the library. I thought the portrait of Charles I and his family was very interesting. Charles I, James I and their two sisters are in the painting. At first I thought that James I was a girl, but then I found out that it was usual to dress little boys in dresses up to age nine. This was done to protect King’s sons and heirs. They feared that the heir to the throne would be kidnapped and held for ransom.

By Mary-Kate (4th Class)


“Hello, my name is Mary and I am a servant for the mighty Butler family. They are very powerful and rich so I will be careful not to utter complaints about them. One of my duties is to clean the circular room in the tower. It is always dark so I bring a candle while I polish the swords and shields. I often shiver as I look outside through the arrow slits. The castle walls are very thick to protect us from the enemy. I hope there will never be a battle here again. The last one was horrendous when Oliver Cromwell and his army blew down the fourth wall of the castle. “

By Ellie (4th Class)


The bedroom had a very short bed in it. The guide explained that the castle was so big, dusty and cold that the people often got chest infections. Therefore they slept slightly sitting up. That bed didn’t look comfy at all. In the morning the lady would get up and put on her dressing gown, and go to her little library to write all her letters. She did not want to spill ink on her best clothes so she dressed up afterwards. Her gowns would have been magnificent and imported from London and Paris.

By Olivia (4th Class)


In the entrance hall, we saw a large black marble table. Here the butler family members were waked. The guide told us if you touch it, you will be cursed. Happily you can get rid of the curse, by hopping on one leg around the rectangular lawn, in front of the entrance door. You must hop around it three times and touch the stones on each corner as you go. I DID IT!

By Kate (4th Class)

We went to the Dining room. The old table and chairs and the silver candelabra with red candles were amazing. There was fake (plastic) fruit in the fruit bowl. You couldn’t have real food as it would attract mice and insects into the castle. I don’t believe in the curse but I took part in the hopping around the lawn for the fun of it.

By Keelin (4th Class)


We began our tour in a circular room in the lower tower. The windows here are arrow slits where an archer could shoot out arrows easily at the enemy. The attacking enemy would find it difficult to shoot arrows back into the castle through the arrow slits. The walls are very thick to support the great weight of the castle and for protection.  On the ceiling, was a basket weave of sticks, mud, animal blood and animal skin.

By Donnacha Sh (4th Class)


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