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Our Trip to Castlecomer Discovery Park

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Today we went to Castlecomer Discovery Park.First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class all went together with Ms Carroll, Mrs Dunphy and Jackie. We learned about fresh water ecology and we found lots of interesting creatures in the river.  There were freshwater shrimp, caddis flies, mayfly nymphs and pond skaters. We also caught little fish and returned them to the water quickly so they could get oxygen. Niamh our guide told us not to touch the creatures with our hands as we would make them too hot. After collecting the creatures in water trays we identified them using a key. All creatures were returned to the river. It was a nice experience and we enjoyed it a lot though our feet were freezing from standing in the cold water and some of us got wet feet. However we soon warmed up when we got to the Water Shed for swimming.

SoF and AK (6th Class)

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