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A Visit From Garda Mounted Unit

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Hi, My name is Ellie and I love horses. While the other classes were meeting the horses and their riders, two gardaí came to speak with our class. They spoke about many things such as eir-codes and the internet. They spoke about internet safety, and if you write something or take a photo and post it online, it will be there forever!

After a while, we went to see the horses. They were beautiful, fit, strong and brave horses. I thought they were so cute! There were two bean-garda riding the horses. They looked so calm even though the horses were so tall. The mounted unit takes male horses (Irish Draught) over 16 hands high and they have to be specially trained. These horses work with the guards at events such as Soccer Matches, Festivals and shows like the RDS, and I think that’s amazing.

By Ellie (4th Class)


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