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School Tour 2018

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We went on our school tour last Friday. We went to WIT Arena. We travelled by bus and I was sitting beside Dessie. When we got there we met our Instructors,Tom,Jack and Conor. First we played soccer and the other team won by one goal.

After soccer we went on the bouncy castle,we were racing each other. I won against Nadine. I really liked the Go-Karts the best. On the way home we went to McDonalds,I had chicken nuggets, chips,coke and a McFlurry ice cream. I was very tired when I got home but I had a great day.

Donnacha O Farrell

3rd class

The school tour was on Friday. We went to Waterford IT. The people who were looking after us were named Tom,Conor and Jack. We did a lot of activities like KMX Kart,Inflatable Fun and Human Table Football . I Liked the KMX Karts the best because they are fast. I went around the track track 7 times and my legs were sore. We had a game of football and my team won.

It was a very sunny day,we had to go indoors a lot to do activities. We had races on the bouncy castles,I raced against Chris and it was a draw. Mr Duggan and Jackie raced each other and Mr Duggan won. On the way home we went to McDonalds and I got a burger,chips,coke and McFlurry ice cream and a Milk Shake. I enjoyed the day.

John Somers

3rd class

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