Work at Home

St Brendan’s N.S. Newmarket does not maintain any of the web sites provided as links below so it assumes no responsibility for their contents, nor does any link constitute an endorsement of any other site, its sponsor or its contents. These links are just suggestions of websites that parents may wish to visit while pupils are not in school. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each individual parent to determine whether the links provided are suitable for children to visit.


Accelerated Reader: You could  follow the link above, log in with your password and complete an article during school hours (9.20 to 15.00)

Log in with your passwords and continue reading articles and posting comments.

You can listen to David Walliams’ daily short stories at any time, with each being released at 11.00am from 24 March to 23 April. Visit his website for activities, clips, books and more.


Log in with passwords and check notifications for recent assignments.

Log in with passwords and complete games. If you cannot find your password in your homework diary  send an email for  a password request to


Joe Wicks is doing a live PE lesson for children on his Youtube channel every morning at 9am.

Use the links above when you need to do indoors PE.

Going outside look below

Throwing Video