Skulduggery Pleasant Book Review

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This term 4th ,5th and 6th class were reading Skulduggery Pleasant. It’s a book about Magic and Sorcery. Now I shall describe it to you!
The Plot: After meeting Skulduggery Pleasant (a “person” with no flesh or skin but bones for a body), Stephanie is introduced to a world of magic and sorcery. She and Skulduggery go on a massive expedition to get the sceptre before Serpine so they can save the world and destroy Serpine so he cannot get the book of names and RULE THE WORLD!!
The Climax: Skulduggery and Serpine have a massive duel which also involves Stephanie and Tanith. Thankfully the Cleaver disobeys Serpine’s last command, Skulduggery destroys the book of names, the Sceptre loses its powers and Serpine dies! Stephanie and Tanith are luckily still alive and get a speedy recovery.
The ending: Stephanie goes back to the normal world while her broken leg is recovering. This gives her time to practise her magic. Skulduggery comes to her room and tells her what’s happening in his world, about the Cleaver disappearing, America and Japan trying to help by sending in people as temporary replacements for the Elders, how Ghastly is still a statue and how Tanith is making a recovery. Stephanie also gets to show off to Skulduggery, her magic.
How I would describe the book: Amazing! It was dark and mysterious but still funny and cheerful at the same time. Skulduggery would crack up a joke at the worst of times, like when he was almost about to die. This is one of my favourite books, one of the best I’ve ever read and I will surely read the whole series. The book is packed with entertainment, comedy and interesting scenes
Rating of the book: 10/10! There was never a time when I wanted to put the book down. If this wasn’t a class novel, I would easily have read it in less than a week! I never really thought I’d like this book, but having read it, I love it! The rating of this book (9+) was perfect and I found it easy to read. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and it is well worth buying.
Edwina 6th class


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2 responses to “Skulduggery Pleasant Book Review

  1. Jake O Dwyer

    It was a very good book

  2. Liam barron

    right there

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